Making a Connection – Story of Rescuing a Horse

The story began in the fall of 2010 when I was looking to buy an older and seasoned trail horse. A friend of mine had just purchased a little horse from Camelot. I like the idea of adopting rescues. We adopted our dogs and cats so why not a horse. I had reservations on buying a horse from an auction. There were too many risks for me. I wanted a horse that was safe, sane and sound. After all, I just turned 58 and don’t bounce as well as I was younger. Good news for me, I found several rescues sites associated with Camelot. One listing had a small 13.3 hand QH/ Morgan cross from Helping Hearts Equine Rescue . He was not a seasoned trail horse but a green three year old. He was described as having a good mind and was ready for a more experienced rider to finish his training. I called Lisa Post who runs the rescue from her farm and set up an appointment to try out the pony. It was love at first sight,  at least for me it was. His name is Buddy. He was very green, had little to no concept of what a bit was for but he tried so hard to figure out what I wanted. He was friendly, easy to catch and had a very laid back attitude. I asked Lisa about his story and why she rescued him. This is where the story takes a weird turn. He was seized as part of an SPCA case where a man was not providing adequate care for his horses. It was a run down hack stable located about a mile from my home. I used to ride there as a kid when it was better run. I recalled reading in the paper that several horses were taken from the farm in June of 2009. Buddy was a 2 year old stud colt being kept in a filthy stall standing in manure up to his knees. He was born and raised on another local farm owned by the same family. Buddy dam still lives there along with about a dozen other horses and cows. They are well cared for and live happy lives. I see them when I walk my dogs along the backside of the field. Since Buddy needed a good start to his education, I had decided to seek professional help from Lara Delorenzo. I had met Lara at 7 Spring Farm in Pittstown, NJ. She agreed to take Buddy and me on as a client. It was the best thing I ever did. I stayed with Lara for almost four years. This past November Buddy and I had an opportunity to move to a barn only 10 minutes from my house. My time with Lara helped me gain the confidence and skills to keep us on track. I am forever grateful for her guidance and friendship. Below are a few photos of me and Buddy. He does a little bit of everything. He can jump, ride a dressage test and cut out a cow. We also never changed his name. Buddy fits him well. Everyone who meets him falls in love with this little horse. He is one in a million. Rescues are the best!

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