Getting Older

I started my flock in 1992 with three Jacob sheep. Over the years my flock grew to about 40 but stayed around 20 for many years. I am now down to 11 sheep. The ones that remain are getting older. The youngest is 9 and the oldest 14.

I lost another one yesterday. Her name was Jenny Jump Helen. She was a sweet but shy girl. I turned them out in the upper field to enjoy the spring grass. I went to bring them in for feeding and sheep remained laying down near the fence. When I found her  she was gone. She had gotten her horns wrapped around the wild grapevine on the fence and must have broken her neck. Will miss my sweet Helen.

Shearing Day 2017


I stopped breeding in 2008 for several reasons. One was my rams were too closely related and getting older themselves. I had been very lucky most my rams were respectful and felt I wasn’t up to working with a young ram again. I am also a vegetarian and believe breeding for meat is not healthy for us and our planet. I also hated sending my lambs to slaughter. So I stopped and have no regrets.

Time waits for no one.


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Spring – A Time for Renewal


Maryland Sheep & Wool – new frie

Jacob Shawl and Pins

Jacob Shawl and Pins

IMG_1852 (1)

Jacob Sheep Conservancy Breeders Booth At Maryland S&W Festival 2016

Spring is a time to look forward to new beginnings. I just came back the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival where I met with many of my sheep and fiber friends. Happy Spring Everyone!


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NJ Skylands Magazine Article

Thought I would repost this article featured in NJ Skylands Magazine from a few years ago.

Jacob Sheep

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Sharing, Honoring and Remembering – A tale of my personal shawls

I’ve been raising Jacob sheep since 1992. Over the years I have had those few sheep whom where very special to me. To honor those sheep, I create a garment for me to wear from their last fleece. It gives me comfort to honor their time with me.

Here are three shawls I created from Joy Farm Josephine, Haycock Aubrey and Jenny Jump Bella.  Each is handspun from the fleece without carding to give a soft and airy yarn. Each yarn is Navajo plyed to enhance the color and texture. All pieces were woven on a triangle loom.

My wooly friends give me warmth and comfort long after they have gone.Bella ShawlIMG_1254IMG_1255


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Time Lapse Video Shearing 15 Jacob Sheep in 2 hours!

I captured the whole shearing on my GoPro camera. The time lapse video captured two hours in just 2 minutes. I hope you enjoy the show.

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Shearing Day March 2016

We had a beautiful day and plenty of friends and family to help make the event flawless.

Many thanks to those who come back year after year to help.


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Garden State Sheep & Fiber Festival Turns 21!

Hard to believe our tiny festival started 21 years ago. While still small by other festival standards, it’s still offers something for everyone. My favorite is watching the younger generations getting involved in raising and showing their sheep. Here are just a few pictures of the contests and events held throughout the weekend. Mark your calendar for the second weekend in September. The festival is located at the 4H Agricultural Fairgrounds in Ringoes, NJ. Hope to see you all next year.

To learn more, click on > Garden State Sheep Breeders


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Winter’s Gift

A gift left behind for munching on our bushes.

A gift left behind for munching on our bushes.

The winter was very hard on the deer this winter. Many came next to our house for food and shelter. Today I found a gift of two perfect antlers from a six point buck. DSCN3595

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Winter Fades to Spring at Jenny Jump Farm

It has been another rough winter on the farm. Many of my four legged kids are getting long in the tooth including me. The month of February and March were very cold with a lot of snow and ice. The youngest sheep just turned 7 while the oldest is now 16. Arbee, Melissa’s horse will be 33 years old in May and fat Max, the donk will be 13. However, the weather is turning warmer, the pastures are getting green and lush with spring grass. Our spring shearing is scheduled for next week and hoping the weather will be sunny. Life is good. Hope you enjoy the short video of a snowy day on the farm.


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Making a Connection – Story of Rescuing a Horse

This gallery contains 5 photos.

The story began in the fall of 2010 when I was looking to buy an older and seasoned trail horse. A friend of mine had just purchased a little horse from Camelot. I like the idea of adopting rescues. We … Continue reading

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