You always remember the first one… knitting a sweater.

Waiting for Shepherd's Lead Class

Well, I finally did it! I made my first sweater using wool from my own Jacob flock. It only took me about 25 years since I first picked up a set of knitting needles. The idea I could knit something was frightening to me. I know it’s only two sticks and some yarn but it still was scary.

It all started when my very good friends, Connie & bj, forced me to knit a pair of socks about 5 years ago using double-pointed needles no less. Well, I survived and have made several pairs of socks but no one  sees your socks. A sweater is a different story.
Since I have a large stash of yarns and who doesn’t, I needed to take the first step and do something with my yarn besides store it in plastic boxes under the bed.  I found a simple pattern using only knit and purl stitches. I am not ready for anything fancy like gables or lace patterns. You have to concentrate too much and my mind wanders a lot now days.
I found after making the sweater it  actually fit me and looks great with jeans. I was even brave enough to enter it in the Garden State Sheep Breeders Shepherd’s Lead contest and I won first place in the adult division.
Not too bad for my first sweater. Maybe I will try adding gables to my next knitting project.
Happy knitting everyone!
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