Getting Older

I started my flock in 1992 with three Jacob sheep. Over the years my flock grew to about 40 but stayed around 20 for many years. I am now down to 11 sheep. The ones that remain are getting older. The youngest is 9 and the oldest 14.

I lost another one yesterday. Her name was Jenny Jump Helen. She was a sweet but shy girl. I turned them out in the upper field to enjoy the spring grass. I went to bring them in for feeding and sheep remained laying down near the fence. When I found her  she was gone. She had gotten her horns wrapped around the wild grapevine on the fence and must have broken her neck. Will miss my sweet Helen.

Shearing Day 2017


I stopped breeding in 2008 for several reasons. One was my rams were too closely related and getting older themselves. I had been very lucky most my rams were respectful and felt I wasn’t up to working with a young ram again. I am also a vegetarian and believe breeding for meat is not healthy for us and our planet. I also hated sending my lambs to slaughter. So I stopped and have no regrets.

Time waits for no one.


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